Getting intimate photographs taken isn't always about the man (and it's totally okay if it is for you!). Sometimes you just want to do something for yourself and that is why I am here! I am here to cater to your every wants and desires. With a POP! of Champagne and some of your favourite music we will dance our way into your new favourite photoshoot. It's about you. You want to feel sexy as you are, be relaxed and get a nice bath in the mix. I am your gal.


  • 2 hour time slot
  • 2 outfit changes
  • Complimentary Hair or Nail Appointment 
  • 45 high resolution digital images
  • Secure & private web gallery + download
  • Drink of your choice (Alcoholic or non Alcoholic)
  • In studio or in home session
  • Intimate bedroom session + Intimate water bath session
  • printing rights


Families are important and its important to keep those memories between you all. Thats what I am here for! We laugh, we play, we hangout and i get to photograph you doing it! Why make you do cookie cutter poses that don't express the love for each other?! I do my best to make the family session fit your families personality. Of course there are some posing involved for your picture frames but why not have fun doing it?


  • 1 hour session on location
  • 25 high resolution digital photographs
  • Private web gallery + download
  • printing rights
  • 2 week turn around time

Prints & albums are available el la carte