Can I first say, I have the coolest friends?! My friend Erin decided she wanted to book me for her FIRST BOUDOIR SESSION EVER! Okay, being the first session ever for her the pressure was on but, I had to remember she's naturally a really cool person so let her do her thing and work around it.

I did just that! I let her show me her house & I worked around what her life is like and let me tell you, HER LIFE IS PERFECTION. I swear it was so cool to just walk into her house and see how she decorated her whole home around her love for movies.  You know how you can have friends and certain things just remind you of them? Yeah, MOVIES are her thing and thats basically all we talk about but it never gets old and its always so natural! Its so crazy.

Anyways, back to the session. I had such an awesome time. I would do it all over again. I swear if you ever become friends with her...go to her home. Its like the best thing ever. LOL