Whimsical Beautiful | Family Session

This session isn't just a family session, it's much more than that. This session was love, unity and joy. I could tell the story about the Makely family all day and never get bored of it. The last sentence may sound odd but it's very true. So, lets get that started.

Faith reached out to me in the beginning of 2017 asking me about how booking photo sessions work. Of course I was able to work with her and discuss the details of booking but we also discussed how she would be expecting and wanted to wait until her new pride and joy would arrive earthside to get family pictures done. That made total sense to me. She wanted the family in full but what I didn't know at the time was that her session would be the last family session they would have for a while! I got chosen to shoot their LAST family session in Oklahoma! By the way it ended up not being in Oklahoma at all but a state over, Arkansas!