Happy Halloween | Spooky Boudoir

Halloween sessions have always been on my mind. I have always wanted to turn something spooky and turn it into a divine, an intimate styled session. How was I supposed to turn all of my ideas into something big? Something magical? Something so intense that even I am shocked with what I have created? Well, the answer to that was do what I do best, A bath session. Of course I couldn't do just any normal bath session, I had to have black water. I had to add textures and a really out of this world model that would fit the spot exactly.

Honestly, I found more than that. Remember when I said I wanted to be shocked by what I wanted to create?! Yeah well that happened but not because of what I did but because of what my model Dani did. She went above and beyond. Head to toe this wonderful chick screamed Halloween. It was perfection. 

We had so many different talks during our session and I swear Dani's way of thinking and living blew my mind. She reminded me of myself but different. She was her. She was original. I honestly am already planning another halloween session with her for next year because she KILLED IT. Don't believe me? Look for yourself.

Happy Halloween. (NSFW)

AWESOME PEOPLE: Model: Dani Wells Nails: @msjessgonzales