S+D | A story of intense love.

The first week of September I captured Shana and her NOW husband David before they eloped in Las Vegas. This couple is a whole different type of couple. Everything intense and hardcore lives within them. The hours I spent with them fullfilled me with nothing but joy and fire. Good fire of course! Man oh man they are HOT. I waited till October to share this perfect session because they got married yesterday night! I got the chance to hold a small gathering for Shana and David's close friends and we just hung out and watched their Las Vegas ELVIS wedding live stream (yes I said ELVIS)! They looked so perfect. I mean, just look at them! Clearly it's a picture of a TV but man I felt like I was there. We all shed our tears and excitement for the newlyweds and we couldn't be happier. NSFW

(Above: image of their wedding last night)